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What’s is BrandLand JAPAN ?

Japan, home to abundant nature and extraordinary historical culture, is filled with a host of fascinating experiences, cuisine and resources that have the potential to become brands loved the world over. BrandLand Japan is a project that seeks to unearth and polish some of these hidden gems and showcase them to the global market.

Each of the 12 items selected from the plethora of local specialties were viewed as having enormous potential as Japanese brands that have been refined by leveraging knowledge and networks. This book provides a glimpse into the background story of each brand and the thoughts of their creators and leaders. Our hope is that you, the reader, will gain insight into the diverse and captivating country that nurtured these brands.

We want to share the charm of Japan and entice the people of the world to visit these special areas and experience for themselves the life of the people, the climate, the natural features, history and culture that breathed life into the brands. Then, our wish is that you will share your adventures with others so that the philosophies inherent in brand creators and leaders make their way across the globe. You, too, can play a part in making this a reality.

Brands personifying the wonder of Japan

Japan is home to a host of big brands known the world over like automakers and home electronics manufacturers. But the country also boasts a number of others brands, albeit smaller ones, in traditional industries where the skills of the artisan have been passed down the generations for hundreds of years. The creativity of these brands may rival or even surpass that of the big names and the products they develop may come from truly astonishing ideas. It’s a little known fact that there are countless little stars like this.

And the country that breathes life into these brands is Japan. The aim of this project is to select these little-known gems together with a group of industry leading influencers and connoisseurs, shine them up and showcase them to the world.

The 12 brands chosen this time cover a wide spectrum, from traditional industries and experiential tours to foods and cosmetics. The common themes running through each of them, however, are a high potential for success internationally and a deep-rooted dedication to developing and producing a product or service that is beautifully unique.

Japan abounds with resources and it is these resources that are carefully and meticulously crafted into an exquisite brand, each and every one of which has an enduring and captivating quality that will stay with you for a lifetime. Traditional technologies that form the foundation of life in Japan have been preserved yet subtly modified to meet the needs of the times and overseas markets.

Each of the brands is made with confidence and pride. Hold one of the products in your hand or experience one of the services on offer, and you’ll soon see the difference. Our hope is that through these brands you get a better insight into the culture of Japan and that the different backgrounds lead you on a path to new discoveries.



We aim to convey to the world the hidden gems of our local resources and polish them by leveraging our knowledge, networks and passion. We use a colon “:” to express this idea.

The black square (top part of colon) represents the hidden gems of Japan and the red circle (bottom of colon) represents the polished gems. Through this initiative, we aim to strengthen the image that the land that nurtures these brands (“BrandLand”), both the unpolished and polished, is the one and only Japan. This personifies our endeavor to bring to the world the Japan that fosters these amazing local resources.