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Business operator: Heian Shindo Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Project manager: Kenji Nishiyama

Heian Shindo Kogyo Co., Ltd.’s “DRAW A LINE” tension rod embodies the concept of drawing one line vertically or horizontally across space and maximizing room space without waste by hanging shelves and hooks or attaching lighting. In contrast to conventionally available tension rods, DRAW A LINE products match a variety of lifestyle environments thanks to their modern designs. Moreover, over 10 optional items allow users to create their ideal spaces.

Besides basic functionality, the DRAW A LINE products offer wider applications as Heian has plans for collaboration with various brands and manufacturers to expand optional item offerings. DRAW A LINE products can be used in any spaces and do not require troublesome work such as hammering or attaching in the spaces where used. Furthermore, these products help maximize the use of minimum necessary spaces. Just one “line” can enrich people’s lifestyles in the future by flexibly transforming rooms into ever-evolving spaces.

DRAW A LINE Highlights

  • Stoppers with designs in harmony with spaces

    Stoppers with designs in harmony with spaces

    Stoppers on conventional tension rods are easy to make into a product but their shape is unfashionably sloped. In contrast, DRAW A LINE stoppers have a circular shape with top and bottom edges finished at right angles so that the product will fit a variety of spatial designs. Additionally, the not-visible inside of the circular stopper is minutely designed to maintain load-bearing performance.

  • Design-minded fastening screws

    Design-minded fastening screws

    For both conventional tension rods and DRAW A LINE products, fastening screws are essential for adjusting the length. DRAW A LINE uses brass fastening screws that blend well with black and white product lines. Also, the same fastening screws are used for attaching optional shoe racks, tables and other items to maintain refined look.

  • Attaching lamps as an option

    Attaching lamps as an option

    Horizontal DRAW A LINE products enable lamp positioning to be shifted. Meanwhile, the vertical version allows lamp heights to be adjusted or a lamp to be shifted as long as it’s placed on the rod whose circumference is the same. Moreover, Heian is working to expand optional items for lamps by collaborating with other brands so that lamp shades can be replaced.

  • Proposing the creation of customized personal spaces

    Proposing the creation of customized personal spaces

    As in the concept “A new life begins with a single line,” Heian offers optional items that envision a variety of lifestyles. They are offered as tables, hangers or shoe racks, but regardless, these optional items can also be used as umbrella stands and installable items. There are unlimited usage possibilities depending on the imagination of users.


Kayoko Takeuchi

Kayoko Takeuchi

Kayoko Takeuchi handles the development and production of a variety of products as the third-generation president of Heian Shindo Kogyo Co., Ltd. At the same time, she identifies herself as an expert in tension rods and engages in PR activities to spread as general knowledge the ideas and know-how on tension rods cultivated at Heian.

One Line Enriches Lives with Limitless Concepts

Upon assuming the duties as the third-generation president, Kayoko Takeuchi first focused on stepping up efforts to develop products from the perspective of users with the aim of “becoming a company that enriches lifestyles.” One manifestation of these efforts is DRAW A LINE. The product is aimed at drawing one line that becomes a close part of diverse lifestyles and creates even richer lives. Takeuchi explains, “At first I planned to develop something completely different. However, discussions with TENT, a creative unit in Japan, led to the creation of a single rod that pursues the original potentials of our company.”

By focusing on the concept of “giving shape to the ideas of users,” these products earned high acclaim from a wide range of perspectives both in Japan, where living spaces are tight, and at the Maison & Objet exhibition held in France in 2017. These rods are not just for hanging, placing and illuminating. By realizing “no waste” that is typical of Japan’s monozukuri (making things) as well as refined designs, superb functionality and high scalability, these products have amazed the world as though they are magic wands.

Takeuchi adds, “People have their own different lifestyles. New perspectives are essential precisely because desired functions and shapes change depending on the user regardless of national boundaries. For this reason, we are committed to proposing limitless concepts that enrich lives.”

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DRAW A LINE was born through collaboration with the creative unit TENT. Based on this product idea, Tomio Onishi of the Development Department was put in charge of strength testing and design drawing for commercialization with the help of a cutting-edge 3D-printer. Besides possessing the know-how for commercializing collaborative products, one of Heian’s strengths is its ability to carry out operations ranging from planning to design and making blueprints in-house.



Nishi-ku, Osaka

Despite being a business district, the Higobashi area of Nishi-ku in Osaka is highly popular as a residential area even among those who are raising a family. The area features numerous high-end shops and a diversity of lifestyles, with favorite rest spot Utsubo Park serving as its center. Heian relocated to this area in 2016 to gain better insights on how to enrich these lifestyles.



Heian Shindo Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Heian was established in Juso, Osaka, in 1952. While engaging in copper processing, the company became the first in the industry to succeed in the manufacturing and popularization of the use of aluminum sash. In the 1970s, the company devised tension rods, and their current third-generation president leveraged know-how cultivated over the years to create such new brands as LABRICO and DRAW A LINE.